Tomato Trial and Mustard Mobile

Well spring has come and gone.  We have a trial set up at  Dirty Girl Produce, testing the effects of our Pescadero Gold on dry farmed tomatoes at a plot with problems of Verticillum, and so far so good!  We’ll also make sure to make a count of weeds, comparing the weed count of the mustard incorporated plot and the rest of the tomato field.  We’re looking forward to those tasty tomatoes that all of Santa Cruz is spoiled with.

FFI crew and Farmer Joe           






Pescadero Gold ready to be incorporated  


Another very exciting project that was completed this spring was the Mustard Mobile! Henry Smith and wonderful local mechanic of Santa Cruz has converted Henry’s old Ford diesel truck to burn our Pescadero Liquid Gold mustard oil straight.  This high quality oil goes through a uniquely constructed filtration system, into Henry’s personal filling station, in which dispenses this golden fuel into his car. The car starts and stops on diesel,but runs on mustard oil.  We bought a kit to construct the engine from Golden Fuel Systems (a wonderful company that we suggest you contact for your engine conversion needs!).

This system pumps the oil directly from the tote to the oil storage tank,

taking the oil through three different filters before being poured into the storage tank.

Henry’s personal fill up station.

This is where the oil is stored once filtered and pumped into the truck’s tank – taking the oil through one more filter before being poured into the tank.

Mustard oil tank located under the bed of the truck.

The magic button – switching the engine to run on diesel to mustard.

The engine – converted and labelled for educational purposes.  Feel free to contact us if you would like a tour of the mobile, we love to talk about this project.  It could possibly change the face of fueling California.

Henry is happy with his new mustard mobile.

He has even started mixing diesel with the mustard oil due to the high prices of diesel.  Though there have been a few sputters from the truck at first, she seems to be loving life all in all.

Mustard oil has been proven to be one of the highest quality oils one can purchase for your alternative fuel needs.  It is completely clean and unprocessed – all it requires is a minor filtration system and it’s ready to be used.

Our next project at hand when it comes to alternative fuels is to begin converting Jacob’s Farm/Del Cabo tractors to burn our Liquid Gold, with more or less the same converted engine.  We will make sure to keep you updated on this o so exciting project.  Can you imagine??? Farmer’s growing their own fuel and soil amendments! Talk about self sustaining food system.  All thanks to that tiny yellow flower we all know as mustard.

One may ask, where is all this mustard coming from?? Well we have been growing 45 acres in San Mateo County, Pescadero CA.

This field will produce 3,000 gallons of Pescadero Liquid Gold mustard oil and 60,000 lbs of Pescadero Gold mustard meal.  We are lucky to have a wonderful crop this year, except for the fact that the mustard seems to love California a little too much – it’s seemed to grow a little too tall!

 However, as usual  FFI will simply have a learning experience this year when using our 1960′s small seed combine.  Thanks to our hard working mechanics, we’ve got her running for this year’s harvest!

Well Thanks so much for dropping by, and well be sure to be keeping in touch more often.

Hope you all enjoy your sunny, summer day -

and make sure to check in with us soon!


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