Bumper Crop in the Student Garden with Mustard Meal Donation

Report from Garden Advisor Jean Mahoney
Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students working in the Branciforte Middle
B40.Jr.Hi.Garden (2)School Garden have used Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal with both our Spring and Fall Crops in 2014.  The addition of of Pescadero Gold has enhanced our  garden beds and helped us harvest bumper crops of tomatoes, popcorn, cilantro, and pole beans.  We noticed big changes in the health and tilth of our soil in the beds where the mustard meal was used. We added it before we planted, and also saw that the soil held moisture well.  That’s important in these drought years. When the Pescadero Gold’s bag was opened, students could tell right away where the meal came from.  One student remarked, “Take me out to the ballgame!”  Others were amazed that the mustard meal did, indeed smell like mustard.  Thanks for your generous donation to our student’s garden and their education as organic farmers.

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