Can You See the Difference?

The raised bed to the right received a heavy dose of Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal Fertilizer to refurbish the soil after it hosted tomatoes last season. The bed to the left did not have any mustard meal incorporated into the soil as it produced small lettuces throughout the winter, and there was no chance to stir in the pellets. These zephyr squash plants were grown from seed and sprouted exactly the same day. Can you see the size difference with our Pescadero Gold? Amazing! Even to this gardener, who is already convinced of mustard meal’s veracity as a great source of nitrogen for the green growth of your plants.

See the Difference (2)

Pescadero Gold helps get plants off to a good start so they can produce excellent blossoms and fruit. In this case, a nice home-made compost was also stirred into both beds, enhancing other nutrients besides nitrogen. With minimal watering, here’s hoping for a great harvest — starting soon! (And it’s only May!!)


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