Under Snow


Catching a few minutes of winter wonderland at the ski resort 15 minutes up the hill from Wenatchee, Taylor Hoover raves about this beautiful fruit growing region following the Washington State Tree Fruit Association meeting and the North West Horticulture Expo the first week in December.


Winter is a good time to think about your plans for the coming season using PESCADERO GOLD Mustard Seed Meal. You could contemplate the benefits of a mustard cover crop (and we can talk you through it and find you some certified seed) OR plan for a shorter plant back — 3 weeks minimum when the ground thaws next spring.

What a pleasure to meet so many farmers we had talked with on the phone over the last two seasons. USDA research in the Wenatchee area is followed closely by these dedicated orchard keepers, and we were busy answering questions about mustard seed meal and its availability. Fortunately, we have contracted with a friendly crush facility in Sunnyside, so shipping is no longer a financial barrier for Washington farmers.

We also recommend using mustard seed meal in the fall after an older orchard is removed. PESCADERO GOLD does its work in the first three weeks after irrigation or a rain event. Then it settles in under the snow,  its soil nutrients (NPK of 4.5 – 1.5 – 1.15) waiting to feed new trees come spring.

Taylor didn’t win the Gator or the chainsaw or the drone offered  via raffles by other companies at the trade show, but he did offer to return to Wenatchee, whenever invited, to help strategize success for a young orchard.

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