Meeting You


What can we say about the World Ag Expo? It’s awesome to be among the leaders of agriculture and talk to people interested in using vegetable based organic methods for optimizing the soil on their farms, orchards, and vineyards. To stand beside Massey Ferguson and John Deere reps and have something to offer that has been proven to work — that’s exciting!

We especially want to contribute to the success of growers who feed California fruits and vegetables to the world, and it was good to meet you! Lots of people purchased our attractive T-shirts and hoodies, and if you see them around, ask about ASD and Mustard Meal. We talked people’s ears off and handed out lots of brochures and free samples, so there should be some new experts and advocates among you. It’s not that hard to understand — these alternatives to fumigation help your microbes maintain balance so your plants can grow healthy and produce the fruits and vegetables we love. It’s good for business and good for your bottom line.


Lucy, Matt, Taylor and Fernando

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