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Can You See the Difference?

The raised bed to the right received a heavy dose of Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal Fertilizer to refurbish the soil after it hosted tomatoes last season. The bed to the left did not have any mustard meal incorporated into the soil as it produced small lettuces throughout the winter, and there was no chance to [...]

The Good Guys and Gals of Watsonville

  Watsonville garden aims to grow community, healthy food Neighbors and other community members work together to fill the 27 raised garden boxes installed next to River Park on Friday through a partnership of Mesa Verde Gardens and the city of Watsonville. (Shmuel Thaler — Santa Cruz Sentinel)  By Donna Jones, Santa Cruz Sentinel POSTED: 02/27/15, 4:29 [...]

Bumper Crop in the Student Garden with Mustard Meal Donation

Report from Garden Advisor Jean Mahoney Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students working in the Branciforte MiddleSchool Garden have used Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal with both our Spring and Fall Crops in 2014.  The addition of of Pescadero Gold has enhanced our  garden beds and helped us harvest bumper crops of tomatoes, popcorn, cilantro, and pole beans.  We noticed [...]

Amazing mustard recipe interview

It’s just too good that a food writer from the L.A. Times, Noelle Carter, and Lynne Rosetto Kasper from NPR’s The Splendid Table would get together to discuss the ins and outs of making homemade mustard!! Since we are drowning in mustard seeds over here at Farm Fuel following the harvest, we are interested… To [...]

Soil is Relevant to Food is Relevant to Soil

  Why would someone writing a soil blog go to the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle this Sept 19-21? Well, I can think of several reasons: 1)      Good food tends to come from good soil. I’d like to research what components in soil lead to tastier food – celery that’s sweet and crisp, for [...]

Expert Panel Rocks the Dilemma

A panel of experts on California’s strawberry industry addressed a hardy crowd at Pie Ranch March 29. Given the downpour on Highway 1 that day, it was amazing we gathered these brave souls at all, but the pie was bountiful and the subject matter compelling. The point of the panel was to show the complexities [...]

IdaGold Cover Crop Ready for Incorporation

Here goes nothin’ !! Time to chop down this 5 ft tall cover crop before it goes to seed. Lately I’ve learned that the weed suppression aspects of IdaGold go live when you chop up the plant. Yes — IdaGold mustard squeezes out other plants if you use lots of seed. It’s a survivor! BUT, the [...]

Join Us in Pescadero March 29

  Have Your Pie and Healthy Soil Too! Saturday, March 29, 1:00 – 5:00 pm 2014 Fundraising Kick-Off for Farm Fuel at Pie Ranch Pie Ranch and Farm Fuel, two visionary organizations championing solutions for farmers, are joining forces to host a fun educational afternoon on the farm Saturday, March 29, from 1:00 to 5:00 [...]

Mighty Big Results with Mustard Cover Crop

  What do members of giant pumpkin growers groups do after Halloween? Judging by message boards and online videos, they test their soil and plant cover crops like mustard seed to biofumigate their giant pumpkin beds. You can imagine how many nutrients a giant pumpkin uses to grow to almost a ton in size! According [...]

Mustard Seed Cover Crop or Mustard Meal Pre-Plant?

That is the question of the season! How do you decide if you want to plant a cover crop of mustard seed on your farm or garden or prepare your soil with mustard meal? We asked a few farmer’s market and CSA growers for their opinions as they not only enjoy producing healthy vegetables, but [...]