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Under Snow

  Winter is a good time to think about your plans for the coming season using PESCADERO GOLD Mustard Seed Meal. You could contemplate the benefits of a mustard cover crop (and we can talk you through it and find you some certified seed) OR plan for a shorter plant back — 3 weeks minimum when [...]

A Growing Industry

What is Possible? Can we grow our own fuel without taking fields out of food production? Are you getting the feeling that more good ideas from the green economy are moving off the drawing board and into commerce?? That’s true at Farm Fuel ~ a company started by organic farmers with a good idea ~ [...]

An Online Partner

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply, also known as is carrying 25 lb bags of Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal Fertilizer for the first time this year, and they have plenty on hand for your farming and gardening needs. Known as the “go-to” place for organic farming and gardening supplies for more than 30 years, [...]

CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation Awards Major Grant to FFI

2013 DPR Alliance Grant Funded Project Facilitation of the Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Pre-Plant Soil Treatment Amount Awarded: $247,850 Principal Investigator: Stefanie Bourcier, Farm Fuel, Inc., Watsonville, CA Project Media contact: Ellen Farmer, Farm Fuel Inc.:, 831.763.395 DPR Media contact: Charlotte Fadipe, DPR:, 916.445.3974 Summary: This project introduces conventional berry growers to a method [...]

Mustard Seed Cover Crop or Mustard Meal Pre-Plant?

That is the question of the season! How do you decide if you want to plant a cover crop of mustard seed on your farm or garden or prepare your soil with mustard meal? We asked a few farmer’s market and CSA growers for their opinions as they not only enjoy producing healthy vegetables, but [...]