The solutions to today’s problems are found when we focus on empowering farmers to have sustainable operations. Farm Fuel offers products and services that serve farmers and gardeners faced with the task of feeding the world. Farm Fuel offers three products to enhance your operation:

Pescadero Gold mustard seed meal is a 100% plant-based organic fertilizer. The guaranteed analysis of NPK 4.50-1.50-1.15 and is OMRI listed.

Pajaro Valley Gold 1.0 is a unique organic fertilizer that you can use to meet your healthy soil needs. This product is a common used in-line with Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD).

Mighty Mustard cover crops are labeled with the EPA as a biopesticide to control soil borne pathogens. They add organic matter and greatly reduce weed populations in your garden or farm. These low maintenance crops also attract beneficial insects and bring nutrients to the soil surface from deep in the soil profile.